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Portable & Self Storage Tips to Keep Your Items Protected

For many people, the idea of portable & self storage is a mixed blessing. While it can be very helpful to clear clutter from your home, there is also a worry about mold, corrosion and other issues associated with storage. However, it is possible to store your belongings even in the long term with a little care and attention.

Avoiding a Mold Issue:

Mold can be a major issue for any items kept in portable & self storage in the long term. It is usually a result of the items not being dry and clean at the point they are stored. Regardless of how well your item is packed, if it there is moisture present, it will be an invitation for mold and rot. To avoid this, you need to ensure that everything is dry and clean before it is packed away. This is particularly important for paperwork, books, and documents. So, use a can of compressed air, such as you would use for cleaning your computer, to ensure that these items are completely dry before storing.

Protecting Your Furniture in Portable & Self Storage:


Putting furniture into storage requires some care and thought. Even if the storage facility is climate controlled, there are still some precautions to take. Your furniture should be elevated in order to encourage airflow. However, you should avoid using a wooden pallet as this could introduce termites into your unit. A better idea is to use risers such as you would find to elevate a bed.
Before your wooden furniture is put into storage, you should remove any loose debris by brushing or vacuuming, then polish the wooden surface. This will help to seal the wood, but if you want to prevent scratches, you should disassemble any possible components and ensure that they are individually wrapped.

Keeping Linens Safe:

It is possible to store linens, but you need to ensure that they are not folded as folding the fabrics will leave marks. You should also avoid putting your linens in plastic as it can cause yellowing. A better idea is sturdy cardboard boxes which will allow the fabric to breathe. If you are storing clothing or linens that have come from your dry cleaners, don’t use the dry cleaner bags for storage. This could introduce chemicals into the unit. Instead lay the items in trunks, separating with clean, white cotton or washed muslin. If you have any silks or wool items, you should ensure that they are protected with white tissue and stored with some mothballs to avoid damage from pests.

Choose the Right Storage Facility:

Once you have prepared all your items for storage, you need to ensure that you choose the right storage facility. Fortunately, Long Distance Experts is available to help. We can use our industry experience to determine your unique storage requirements and match you with companies offering the best service. Whether you need storage temporarily for your house move or are looking for a more long term storage solution, the Long Distance Experts team is ready to help you find the best possible storage options.

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