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The Importance of Packing Services Specialty Boxes


One of the biggest concerns when moving is how to pack all of your items to ensure that they are protected during transportation. Movers and packers are usually careful with every box, but if it contains delicate items that are not adequately protected, you may find that your items may not reach your destination in one piece. Fortunately, there is a way to minimize the risk of damage, and for this reason, packing services recommend using specialty boxes.

Packing Services Advice In the Kitchen:

The kitchen is one of the most challenging areas of packing and moving. Unlike books, clothes and other common items, your kitchen paraphernalia is usually an odd shape that can be very difficult to pack in standard boxes. Added to this is the delicate nature of many items such as dishes and glasses. Fortunately, packing services can provide boxes and cartons designed specifically for the kitchen.
The most common of these boxes is dish packing cartons. These are larger boxes that have cell dividers. This is designed to make it easier to pack small ware. While each item should still be individually wrapped, this type of box provides additional cushioning to prevent breakages. You can also obtain similar style boxes for your glassware. These are shaped into smaller cells to accommodate most glasses and glassware items.

Protecting Your Electronics:

After the delicate kitchen items, the next things that are likely to suffer damage from poor packing is your electronic items. Unfortunately, many of us fail to keep the original boxes for our electronic items. These manufacturer boxes were specifically designed to protect the item during transit, but this does make them rather difficult to get the item out. Many of us end up ripping the original box when we excitedly want to see our new TV or appliance, which means that the box is only fit for the trash when we’re finished.
Fortunately, there are some packing solutions even if the original boxes have long since been thrown out. Packing and moving services can provide TV boxes that are suited to the size and design of your television. You can choose from regular flat screen, plasma or LCD TV boxes with a range of sizes to fit standard models. This will provide adequate protection to ensure that you don’t end up with a blank screen when you put your feet up to relax in your new home. There are also large and small boxes designed for other electronic appliances, so all your devices can be protected.

In the Bedroom:

Finally, there are some fantastic bedroom packing solutions. From mirror and lamp boxes to prevent breakages to wardrobe boxes, these specialty items can make packing a breeze. You can also have the assurance that setting up your new bedroom will take next to no time.

If you are still unsure about your move and need assistance from packing services, you should speak to the Long Distance Expert team. We can assess your particular requirements and connect you with the best packing and moving services in the industry.

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