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Your Ultimate Guide for A Hassle-Free Move

We have decided to move to another state after my husband died. I have two kids and I know this journey is not the same as before since I need to organize all by myself. Not only that, moving alone is too stressful. But then, I need to gather myself for my two angels and start a better life somewhere else.

What Do I Need To Prepare One Week Before The Move?


At first, I don’t have any idea on how to keep the ball rolling. But I remember what my husband prioritized during our first move (after our wedding). He created a moving checklist. That way, I can strategically plan our move and possibly alleviate the stress of packing and loading of stuffs.

Aside from that, I start getting quotes from different moving companies. These firms perform in-home assessments to ensure an accurate quote. After that, identifying the amount of packing supplies I’ll need is my next task. If possible, select a room where you can start storing and organizing these supplies.

What Else Do I Need To Include In My Moving Checklist?

Another thing that bothers me during that moment is our unused stuff. I don’t know what to do to the clothes that don’t fit anymore, toys which my children outgrown already and etc. I know that if I’ll bring them  to the new house, they will just consume unnecessary space.

My close friend recommended holding a garage sale. I was so happy because I was able to clear them out and at the same time, earn few bucks. Other than that, I also listed these tasks in my moving checklist:

  • Labelling of the boxes
  • Cleaning and dusting
  • Asking my relatives and friends to help
  • Communicate change of my address

Your Kids Should Be Your Top Priority On Your Moving Checklist

I have a fifteen-year-old son and three year-old daughter. No matter how hectic our moving day is, I didn’t miss prioritizing them on my moving checklist. Here are some tips that I can share with you to make them involved:

Include your kids in making plans for relocation. For example, take them to house-hunt with you. In this way, you children will surely enjoy the idea of being involved and their emotions will be filled with excitement. Also, try to compliment them about the job well done regarding the house-hunting work.

If possible, take your children on a trip to visit the new home. By doing this, your children will be able to familiarize the place even before the actual move. Take them around the house and show them their rooms and they will surely enjoy the process.

Talk to your children and explain all about the upcoming relocation. Try to make your explanation very interesting and give them believable reasons why you’re moving. Also tell them the benefits of the upcoming relocation, like taking them out on a shopping after the move or how near the amenities are in your new place.

Involve your children, especially if they are older, in the selection process of the new home. If your children are at their teenage years, it would be best to include them in the selection process of a new home.