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Door to Door Storage

How to Create an Inventory for Your Door to Door Storage


Door to door storage is a fantastic resource if you are moving home or need to arrange a longer term storage solution. However, if you want to ensure that you have full insurance coverage, you need an inventory. Fortunately, the Long Distance Experts team is on hand to help you to create an inventory for your moving storage.

What is an Inventory:

Simply put, an inventory is a list of items. This is useful to keep your belongings organized, but it can also be beneficial in the event that any items are damaged or go missing during transit. While many people may categorize their moving storage, an inventory can be a useful tool to arrange additional insurance coverage or confirm the consignment value and size with your moving and storage service. It is important that you know exactly what you have put into storage, so you don’t lose track of any of your belongings, during the stressful process of moving.

Write Down Everything Going into Your Door to Door Storage:

The easiest way to create an inventory for your door to door storage is to simply write down everything that is placed into the unit. When you pack up boxes to go into your moving storage, make a separate note of what is contained in each box. This can be organized by numbering your boxes and tallying each numbered box to a list. This will allow you to create a comprehensive inventory.
Once you have everything written down, you can organize this information into a more readable inventory. Create a list with several columns. This will allow you to mark each numbered box clearly.

Collate Supporting Documents:

If you are concerned about insurance coverage, you should also collate supporting documents to accompany your inventory. This can take the form of receipts and invoices for any higher value items. For example, if you are putting any electronics into your storage, tack the receipt to the back of your inventory.

Keeping a Digital Copy:

One of the main issues with an inventory is that paper copies can be lost or damaged during a move or other disruptive event. However these days, it is so easy to create a digital copy of your inventory. This is very simple as all you need to do is create a basic spreadsheet. You can use columns for the location, box number, and item description. This type of inventory is beneficial since it doesn’t need to be stored in your home. You can store a copy of your inventory on the cloud or use your email provider’s server to store your inventory. All you need to do is email a copy of your inventory to yourself. This will also provide a time and date stamp. Another advantage of a digital inventory is that you can store it in a folder with digital photos of any of the items included in the storage unit.

If you are considering door to door storage as part of your home move, Long Distance Experts can help. We can connect you with the very best moving and storage service providers in the industry, who are matched to the particular needs of your move.

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