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Residential Moving Services

Residential Moving Services Considerations

If you are planning on moving home, it is understandable to be a little anxious. However, before you start booking residential moving services, there are some basic considerations you need to assess. This will help you to determine your needs and choose the best service provider for the task.

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Do You Need Vehicle Transport in Your Residential Moving Services Package?

For local moves, getting your vehicle to your new home is not usually a problem. Most families will put their pets and sentimental belongings in their car with them and drive to their new home. However, this can be more of an issue if you are planning a long distance move. In these scenarios, you may need your moving company to help with transporting your vehicle and any special items. Remember that while there are third party companies, moving house can be stressful, so you may not want the added complexity of coordinating multiple companies. It is far more straightforward to choose a company who can offer a full service solution.

Do You Need Help Preparing For the Move?

While there are some aspects of moving preparation such as changing your address and organizing your utilities that need to be done personally, there are some moving preparation tasks that can be left with to the professionals. Many people find that professional packing services are invaluable when moving home. There is no need to worry about sourcing packing materials or perfectly packing each box. Professional packers have the skills and experience to ensure that boxes are properly packed to minimize any damage. Additionally, since the boxes have been professionally packed, there is usually full coverage in case of any accidents during transit.

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Do You Have Adequate Coverage?

As mentioned above, accidents can happen and you need to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage. Some companies offer a full package that includes comprehensive insurance. However, if you have packed items and boxes yourself, you may find that coverage is restricted. It is important to check what items are and are not covered, and that any higher value items are adequately protected. While money cannot replace sentimentally valuable items, it can help with the costs to make repairs.

Choosing the Right Residential Moving Services Provider:

Finally, you need to consider your choice of moving services provider. While there are lots of companies out there who offer assistance when moving house, they don’t all offer the same standard of service. Although it is possible to obtain a recommendation from a family member or friend, remember that your move may have very different requirements. So, you need to ensure that you choose the right moving company. Fortunately, Long Distance Experts are available to help. We use our extensive industry experience to ascertain the unique characteristics and requirements of your move. We can then use this information to determine which companies from our panel of respected professionals is best equipped to help you. Whether you need vehicle transport, have pets, or have special items such as instruments, we can connect you with a company with the specialized skills and experience to help.

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