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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Business Storage


Business storage is a crucial resource if you need to store important files that are not regularly needed or if you are relocating to new premises. As your business grows, you may find that you need to retain more and more paperwork, which may place a strain on your current premises. Fortunately, these records can be moved and stored professionally to avoid loss and damage. However, choosing the right business storage can be a daunting and time consuming process, so Long Distance Experts has compiled some top tips.

Look for Growth Opportunities:

Businesses can grow at amazing rates, and you may find that your business starts to expand quicker than you initially anticipated. For this reason, you will require commercial storage units that provide the facilities to meet your expanding needs without any fuss. As your business grows, you may need emergency space or a larger unit at short notice. Your commercial storage provider should be able to accommodate these needs.

Prioritize Modern & Secure Facilities:

One of the biggest concerns for storage is that your items will be safe and secure. Although you won’t be storing valuable antiques, your documents do have a significant value for your business. You won’t want them compromised by damp or theft. You need to have confidence that your files will be as safe as they would be if they were kept in your business premises. This means that you should only use reliable, competent service providers with modern and secure facilities.

Consider the Location for Your Business Storage:

Many moving storage companies tend to be based on the outskirts of towns and cities. However, the facility you choose should be easily accessible for your business. If you are relocating offices, you are likely to need quick access once your new office is ready. Transporting your property should take the minimal amount of time to reduce disruption. Ideally, your storage facility should be close enough that if you do need to access any archived files, it doesn’t take too long.

Look For Great Customer Care:

This one can be a little more tricky. Although there are lots of review sites and forums, trying to find honest feedback on the level of customer care offered by business storage facilities is likely to be a very time consuming process. However, if you are entrusting your business paperwork, you need to have complete confidence that it is in good hands. You will need to have ease of communication, in case any issues arise or you find that your needs have changed. If the facility fails to return calls or emails promptly, it could cause costly delays to your business. So great customer care should be a minimum standard.

Although looking for business storage may seem a little daunting, Long Distance Experts is here to help. We can assess the unique storage needs of your business to determine which commercial storage units and facilities would be best suited. We can also assist if you have specific requirements such as moving and transporting of your business paperwork or equipment, so speak to a member of our team today.

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