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How to Pack for a Move; Kitchen Tips and Tricks


If you are wondering how to pack for a move, you’re likely to be thinking that your kitchen is going to be the most challenging aspect. Although any area of packing has its challenges, a kitchen is one of the most difficult places when looking at how to move. Fortunately, Long Distance Experts has some kitchen tips and tricks to help you packing go a little more smoothly.

Sorting is the Most Important Aspect of How to Pack for a Move:

Just like any area of your home, you are likely to have items in the backs of your kitchen cabinets that you simply do not use or need. These items don’t really need to be packed and taken all the way to your new home. Now it the perfect time to sort out what you do and do not want to move. Any items you no longer need can be sold, donated or even put in the trash if they are past their best.

Create a Travel Box:

Kitchens tend to be challenging to pack as they are the place that is most frequently used in our homes. Once everything is packed, you may find it difficult to go about your everyday life. For this reason, it is a good idea to create a travel box. This box should contain basics such as silverware, cups, plates, coffee maker, toaster, and dishtowels. Your travel box should stay with you rather than going in the moving truck. This will mean that when you arrive, you can easily prepare drinks and a snack before you start the arduous task of unpacking.

Get the Correct Packing Supplies:

One of the most important aspects of how to pack for a move is having the correct materials. Before you contemplate how to move, you need to think first about your supplies. The average sized kitchen will require at least five or six larger boxes for your light, bulky items, medium sized boxes for heavier items and doubled walled boxes for your more fragile items. You will also need bubble wrap and packing tape.

Start Early:

Most of us have items in our kitchen that we don’t use on a regular basis. When you are thinking about how to move, you should think about which items can be packed early. For example, you may have smaller appliances, special dishes, baking pans and cookbooks that you are not going to realistically use in the weeks before your move. If you have any unopened bottles, these can also be packed early. Just be sure to pack them in a double walled box to avoid spills and breakages.

Think About Your Appliances:

Finally, you need to think about your appliances. A day or so before the move is a good time to prepare your appliances for the move. This may be only a matter of cleaning and unplugging them, but some may need water or gas lines to be disconnected. If you are not sure, ensure that you arrange additional help from your moving team.

If you are still struggling with how to pack for a move, you should speak to the Long Distance Experts team. We would be happy provide you with advice and guidance garnered from our years of industry experience.

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